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Ozark season 1

Episodes: 6 of 10

TV series Ozark is a drama about crimes related to drug trafficking. The action takes place in the atmosphere of the Missouri backwoods and the Ozark Mountains, where the main character of TV show tries to hide his family tooth and nail and protect them from the consequences of their own actions...

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The Mist season 1

Episodes: 5 of 10

TV series The Mist from Spike channel was announced a decade after the release of the mystical motion film based on the novel by Stephen King. The plot line of the TV show The Mist does not repeat exactly the original film. However, history will also begin with a supermarket and a mysterious and...

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Pulse season 1

Episodes: 1 of 8

The Australian TV series "Pulse" on ABC TV channel is a medical drama about the work of the department of сardiosurgery and transplantology in one of the hospitals located in a busy suburb. Nurses and doctors constantly have to face personal and professional dramas and make difficult decisions...

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The Shannara Chronicles season 1

Episodes: 10 of 10

The events of the TV show The Shannara Chronicles takes place in the post-apocalyptic world of the Four Lands, which is located on a territory formerly known as North America. The southern territory is inhabited by people, Elves settled on the Western lands, the Northern part of the continent is...

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Zoo season 3

Episodes: 4 of 11

TV series Zoo season 3 continues to follow the bloody attacks of wild animals on humans throughout the Earth. The biologist Jackson Oz continues his own investigation to stop the animal aggression and loss of life. Nevertheless, so far success is not on their side. Moreover, the level of danger...

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The Night Shift season 4

Episodes: 5 of 10

The events of the TV series The Night Shift season 4 take place in the clinic "San Antonio Memorial" as in previous seasons. Every day, the hospital staff is working hard to protect the patients' health even in the conditions of shortage of equipment and medicines. Dr. TC Callahan leads the team...

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Nashville season 5

Episodes: 19 of 22

Two country music divas are back in Nashville season 5. Their ambitions are still high, but personal problems don't decrease. Rayna is working on a new single. With Deacon they want to write their own story. The life of Juliet is not stable. Ups and downs are changing each other very often. She's...

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Queen Of The South season 2

Episodes: 7 of 13

Queen of the South season 2 is a continuation of the story about the ascent of Mexican Teresa Mendoza to the criminal Olympus. The new season promises to give the audience a meeting with many new and very colorful characters. A Texas smuggler named King George will appear in the 2nd season of a...

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Queen Sugar season 2

Episodes: 6 of 16

TV show Queen Sugar season 2 is based mainly on the farming life of Bordelon family. They are faced with a multitude of farming difficulties and the risks inherent in farming. Therefore, Bordelons needs new specialists and workers to manage the plantation. There are tensions about farming between...

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The Shannara Chronicles season 2

The Shannara Chronicles season 2 continues to highlights on Spike channel the life and adventures of the inhabitants of the fictional kingdom Four Lands. The events of the new season occur 12 months after the final actions of the 1st season. The world of Four Lands will plunge into chaos! The...

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I’m Sorry season 1

Episodes: 3

The comedy I'm Sorry on the TruTV channel is based on Andrea Savage's own biography in general, which is the creator of the series and the performer of the main role. The season 1 will consist of 10 episodes. The main heroine of the TV show I'm Sorry is a comic script writer named Andrea, who at...

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