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Twin Peaks season 1

25 years later it's happening again. Welcome to Twin Peaks - a place both wonderful and strange. This is a small town in the northwest United States with a population of just over 51,000 people. More than two-decade in back, Special Agent Dale Cooper came to town to investigate the murder of a...

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Crashing season 1

Episodes: 2 of 8

The plot of TV show "Crashing" focuses on the charming and naive man from New York named Pete. He found his wife with another man in his own house. His life is turned upside down. But he needs to start a new life. He does not drink, does not smoke and he does not have sex. Also Pete has a plan. He...

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Girls season 6

Episodes: 3 of 10

The final season of comedy series "Girls" picks up six months after last year’s finale, with its twentysomething heroines closer to growing into the women they want to be. Hannah has three best friends: Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna. All of ladies who have a beloved man, prestigious job, luxury...

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Big Little Lies season 1

Episodes: 2

TV show "Big Little Lies" is set in a typical American suburban town where the unexpected murder brings together the fates of three completely different in character women. Madeline Martha Mackenzie and her ex-husband, Ed can't build relationships with each other. But things get worse when he's...

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Making History season 1

Making History is a comedy series about time travel. Dan Chambers is a computer genius and a bore, which has no friends. He works at a college in Massachusetts. But he has a time machine in his garage, with the help of which Dan travels to 1775 every weekend. The guy has a completely different...

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Reign season 4

Episodes: 3 of 16

The incredible story of the Queen Mary approaching the final chapter of the Reign season 4. Mary still doesn't know who to trust. She's forced to check loyalty of her brother James Stuart. Some time later, Mary learns that there is a spy among her people. She tries to uncover the traitor. Queen...

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Mom season 4

Episodes: 15 of 22

In Mom season 4 Bonnie's relationship with Adam is tested when he moves in, while Christy deals with daughter and son. Look for a new set of kid troubles for Christy, whose twentysomething daughter, Violet, was supposedly getting on nicely in Lake Tahoe while working as a blackjack dealer. She...

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Powerless season 1

Episodes: 4 of 10

The action of TV show "Powerless" will unfold in a world where superpowers is a common phenomenon. Emily Locke is claims adjuster in the special kind insurance company. She likes to help change people's lives to the better. They deal with complaints from ordinary people affected by the devastation...

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Grey’s Anatomy season 13

Episodes: 14 of 24

Grey's Anatomy season 13 continues to follow the working and personal lives of doctors of the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, which located in Seattle. Meredith has not yet recovered from the loss of Derek, but her life is slowly changing. Meredith's relationship with Maggie become more trusting...

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How to Get Away with Murder season 3

Episodes: 15 of 15

How to Get Away with Murder season 3 continues to talk about law professor Annalise Keating and her five students, which is also called the "Keating 5". They can't focus on new cases, because the past haunts them. Annalise still keeps secrets and trying to keep the situation under control...

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The Big Bang Theory season 10

Episodes: 17 of 24

The Big Bang Theory season 10 continues from the same point where the previous season ended. The wedding ceremony of Penny and Sheldon begins with problems. The Sheldon’s father and Leonard’s mother had spent the night together and everyone feels uncomfortable after this. The fun is just beginning...

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