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Wrecked season 2

Episodes: 3 of 7

The TV series Wrecked season 2 is a continuation of the story about the two losers Danny and Owen, who find themselves on an uninhabited tropical island after a plane crash. Together with other “lucky ones”, they try to understand what happened, find food and survive in harsh conditions. The most...

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iZombie season 3

Episodes: 13 of 13

Medical resident - and resident zombie - Liv deals with a mass murder that could set off a war between humans and the undead in iZombie season 3. Seattle is full of zombies. Liv did not suspect that they are so many. Major Lilywhite finds a job in small zombie army, where private military...

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Animal Kingdom season 2

Episodes: 5 of 12

The events of the TV show Animal Kingdom revolve around the Cody family, which Is involved in building their own criminal kingdom. If in the season 1 the matriarch Smurf forced her clan members to obey unquestioningly, in the second season, some of them will decide that he has long been in the...

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Pretty Little Liars season 7

Episodes: 21 of 21

Pretty Little Liars season 7 is going to be the last one of the shows making it the longest TV series running on Freeform. In the new season’s premiere we will find out how far Aria, Emily and Spencer will go in order to save their dear friend Hanna who got kidnapped by evil Uber A at the finale...

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Downward Dog season 1

Episodes: 8 of 8

TV show Downward Dog is a comedy from ABC with a narrative on behalf of a dog. The main characters are a young woman Nan and a dog Martin. Nan tries to survive a difficult parting: although Jason broke off the relationship, the girl still loves him. Trying to escape, she works for 60 hours a week...

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Casual season 3

Episodes: 8 of 13

Casual season 3 continues to follow Valerie and her brother Alex, who moved away from their parents many years ago and lived their own lives. However, everything changes in a moment. Valerie, once completely satisfied with her family situation, finds her husband in the arms of a mistress. She...

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Daytime Divas season 1

Episodes: 4 of 10

The TV series Daytime Divas on VH1 channel is based on the book "Satan's Sisters ... A Novel of Fiction" by Star Jones. Daytime Divas is a comedy drama about a fictitious daytime talk show called "The Lunch Hour". The plot revolves around the five participants of this daily TV show. They discuss...

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Stitchers season 3

Episodes: 4 of 8

Stitchers season 3 is the continuation of the American criminal sci-fi TV series with Emma Ishta starring. The TV series "Stitchers" tells a story about a secret organization that makes experiments on "Stitching" people. They intrude in the memory of deceased people and try to restore some of...

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Shadowhunters season 2

Episodes: 14 of 20

Shadowhunters season 2 is still focused on Clary Fray, who became part of the ancient clan. She discovered her powerful forces and capabilities to protect people from demons. New season begins when Clary and her friends can't accept the loss of Jace Wayland, who left with Valentine Morgenstern at...

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Preacher season 2

Episodes: 2 of 13

Preacher season 2 is the continuation of the American tv series from AMC in the genre of fantasy and a black comedy. The main character is the preacher Jesse Custer, who is obsessed with a supernatural being Genesis. Preacher Jesse Custer and his fellow travelers will meet with a number of new...

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Loaded season 1

Episodes: 8 of 8

The TV series "Loaded" is a comedy about four IT people who invented the game called Cat Factory. The main characters of the comedy TV show Loaded are: Josh is a capricious and highly moral person, Leon is the charismatic director of business development in «Idyl Hands», Ewan is the director of...

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