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Quantico season 2

Episodes: 15 of 22

Quantico season 2 is still focused on Alex Parrish. Despite her heroic deeds in the past season, the consequences were shocking. Alex was fired. But hope is alive after the CIA operative, Matthew Keyes offered her a new job. Now she had the opportunity to serve her country by working for the CIA...

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Bates Motel season 5

Episodes: 6 of 10

Bates Motel season 5 begins 2 years after the shocking events of the previous chapter. Transformation of the Norman's personality complete. His mind is not in sync with his physical actions. Now, Norma lives in his head. In addition, Norman is trying to lead a double life. He's very happy to have...

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Bellevue season 1

Episodes: 6 of 8

The action of TV show "Bellevue" will unfold in a provincial Canadian town, where Annie Ryder runs a police detective. She is constantly in conflict with others because of her complex nature, which does not fit into the "too right" environment of local residents. When a transgender teenager...

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24: Legacy

Episodes: 9 of 12

"24: Legacy" is a new version of the franchise, which involves new characters, but which will retain the structure and style of the original TV show. Eric Carter is a military who is returned to the US from Yemen. 6 months ago thanks to elite squad of U.S. Army Rangers under his command was...

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Superior Donuts season 1

Episodes: 9

The comedy series "Superior Donuts" is based on the play by Tracy Letts and tell us the story of relations the sweets shop owner and his staff, as well as some regular customers. Venue - Chicago streets. Arthur Przybyszewski doesn't believe in himself and hires to his donut shop the new employee -...

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A.P.B. season 1

Episodes: 8 of 12

TV series "A.P.B." tells the story of a new approach in the police work of the 21st century. Gideon Reeves is a billionaire and successful engineer. Crime wave covered Chicago. Gideon and his friend were victims of a robbery. Gideon is alive, but his friend, who was trying to protect him, was shot...

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Young & Hungry season 5

Episodes: 3 of 12

The main character of the tv series Young & Hungry is a young and ambitious girl Gabi Diamond. She's a culinary blogger, but she always dreamed of becoming a cook. Her dream eventually came true. In addition, along with the long-awaited work, the girl found the love of her life - Josh Kaminski. 5...

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The Great Indoors season 1

Episodes: 14 of 22

TV series "The Great Indoors" focuses on a legendary adventure reporter Jack Gordon. For a long time he made amazing stories for the magazine "Outdoor Limits" from different corners of the planet. But the world has changed. The founder of the magazine Roland decided move to a Web publication. Now...

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Supergirl season 2

Episodes: 17 of 22

Supergirl season 2 will bring new challenges for Kara Danvers. In the final of season 1 Kara rescued National City residents from a deadly threat. Cat Grant is very grateful to her. Another capsule, built on Krypton falls to the city - Superman decided to visit his cousin. Also, the new...

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Broadchurch season 3

Episodes: 5 of 8

Broadchurch season 3 is set three years after the last one and five years since the death of Danny Latimer. But this time DS Ellie Miller and DI Alec Hardy are investigating a serious sexual assault in the community. The woman who has been attacked is Trish Winterman and it’s Hardy and Miller’s...

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Taken season 1

Episodes: 5 of 20

TV series "Taken" is the prequel to the movie with Liam Neeson. The story focuses on Bryan Mills, the former "green berets", survived the tragedy, which has completely changed him. His daughter, Cali had been killed right before his eyes. Coping with the effects of trauma, Mills became a CIA...

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