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Queen Sugar season 2

Episodes: 6 of 16

TV show Queen Sugar season 2 is based mainly on the farming life of Bordelon family. They are faced with a multitude of farming difficulties and the risks inherent in farming. Therefore, Bordelons needs new specialists and workers to manage the plantation. There are tensions about farming between...

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The Shannara Chronicles season 2

The Shannara Chronicles season 2 continues to highlights on Spike channel the life and adventures of the inhabitants of the fictional kingdom Four Lands. The events of the new season occur 12 months after the final actions of the 1st season. The world of Four Lands will plunge into chaos! The...

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I’m Sorry season 1

Episodes: 3

The comedy I'm Sorry on the TruTV channel is based on Andrea Savage's own biography in general, which is the creator of the series and the performer of the main role. The season 1 will consist of 10 episodes. The main heroine of the TV show I'm Sorry is a comic script writer named Andrea, who at...

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The Exorcist season 2

TV show The Exorcist season 2 on the FOX channel continues to follow the priests who are engaged in the liberation of human souls from evil spirits. Two priests with different approaches to exorcism struggles with evil by their methods. Father Tomas Ortega lives in the neighborhood of Chicago and...

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Cleverman season 2

Episodes: 4 of 6

Cleverman season 2 is the continuation of a sci-fi TV series about the existence of a race of fairy-tale creatures called Hairy in our world who look like people outwardly. The plot of the TV show still revolves around the story of the two brothers, who, despite the long-standing hostility, joined...

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Odd Mom Out season 3

Episodes: 2 of 10

Odd Mom Out season 3 is the continuation of the comedy series on the Bravo channel about the "carefree" life of the elite society. The plot of season 3 as in previous seasons revolves around Jill Weber. This is a rich lady who lives in the Upper East Side. And all of her surroundings consist of...

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Fear The Walking Dead season 3

Episodes: 8 of 16

Spin-off of the zombie drama called Fear the Walking Dead is currently one of the most popular AMC TV shows. The main idea of season 3 tells that fear what you become in the post-apocalyptic world. Apparently, the creators of the TV series "Fear the Walking Dead" imply that a human involuntarily...

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The Walking Dead season 8

The Walking Dead season 8 will continue to follow the characters from the moment on which season 7 ended on AMC channel. Such factions as the Kingdom, Alexandria and of course Hilltop are led by Rick Grimes. Therefore, they joined forces in the fight against Negan. Moreover, fans of the TV show...

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Lucifer season 3

"Hell Yes", - using the play of words, Lucifer Morningstar himself greets us, calmly sitting in the burning armchair. An infernal heat will come together with the season 3 "Lucifer" to Los Angeles and to the FOX channel... Lucifer Morningstar moves away from business and looks for solitude at the...

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The Punisher season 1

The Punisher season 1 on the Netflix channel is an action spin-off of the TV series "Daredevil", whose main character is the superhero of Marvel’s comics - Frank Castle, nicknamed the Punisher. The role of Punisher, as in the TV series "Daredevil", will be performed by Jon Bernthal. The...

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Kingdom season 3

Episodes: 8 of 10

Kingdom season 3 is the continuation of the drama series about fighters without rules. TV series will tell the audience about the continued attempts of Alvey Kulina and his companion Lisa Prince to get a decent profit from their own gym. The guys hire a new coach Dominick Ramos in new episodes of...

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