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Stan Lee’s Lucky Man season 2

Episodes: 10 of 10

Detective Inspector Harry Clayton returns in Stan Lee’s Lucky Man season 2. The world is full of bad people. DI Clayton continues to investigate the most mysterious murders with the help of his partner, Detective Sergeant Suri Chohan. In addition, he skillfully uses the ancient bracelet that gives...

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Rosewood season 2

Episodes: 22 of 22

Same old Rosie returns in Rosewood season 2. Unbeatable duo consisting of the private pathologist Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr. and tough Det. Annalise Villa are still willing to solve the most sophisticated cases in Miami. But not only new cases appeared in the city, but also new faces. Among them -...

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The Carmichael Show season 1

American comedy TV show "The Carmichael Show" tells about family and problems in the life of the famous comedian Jerrod Carmichael. Jerrod had long since found his second half in the face of the young beauty Maxine. The young couple accepts the decision to live together. And they are forced to...

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Reign season 4

Episodes: 10 of 16

The incredible story of the Queen Mary approaching the final chapter of the Reign season 4. Mary still doesn't know who to trust. She's forced to check loyalty of her brother James Stuart. Some time later, Mary learns that there is a spy among her people. She tries to uncover the traitor. Queen...

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Scream season 3

TV series Scream based on the cult film series of Wes Craven will be transformed from a slasher format to an anthology format. Therefore, horror TV series is waiting for a full reboot; viz. new characters will be at the center of events in new episodes. MTV was going to complete the storyline...

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Rogue season 4

Episodes: 6 of 10

Revenge and redemption will be the main storylines of the Rogue season 4. Ethan Kelly struggles with the ghosts of the past. He returned to San Francisco. But here, Ethan involved in the world of corrupt cops who work for influential companies and criminals. He's faced with Clea Annou, who is the...

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Dear White People season 1

Episodes: 10 of 10

Dear White People is a serial adaptation of the eponymous satirical movie, 2014. This is a story about how to black students live at the university, where mostly white people study. The main heroine of Netflix’s tv series Dear White People is a mulatto named Samantha White. Her father is white and...

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Mech-X4 season 1

Episodes: 13 of 20

TV series tells the story of a schoolboy named Ryan Walker, who discovers that he had a gift - an uncanny ability to control the technological power by own mind. Ryan awakens a robot called MECH-X4 and controls his every move. He gathers his friends, Harris and Spyder, and his older brother, Mark...

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Chicago Med season 2

Episodes: 21 of 23

Chicago Med season 2 continues to talk about the professional and personal lives of one of the busiest Illinois hospitals - Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. Group of brave doctors led by Sharon Goodwin, Chief of Services, daily faced with a difficult medical cases often requires instant decision...

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Life in Pieces season 2

Episodes: 20 of 22

Two proposals, a pregnancy, and a teen wedding might sound like an MTV reality show, but it's where the season 1 left. In Life in Pieces season 2 Matt and Colleen are wedding planning, and now they live together in an apartment of Colleen; Jen and Greg are dealing with 1-year-old and another baby...

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Grey’s Anatomy season 13

Episodes: 21 of 24

Grey's Anatomy season 13 continues to follow the working and personal lives of doctors of the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, which located in Seattle. Meredith has not yet recovered from the loss of Derek, but her life is slowly changing. Meredith's relationship with Maggie become more trusting...

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