Fear the Walking Dead

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Fear The Walking Dead season 3

Episodes: 8 of 16

Spin-off of the zombie drama called Fear the Walking Dead is currently one of the most popular AMC TV shows. The main idea of season 3 tells that fear what you become in the post-apocalyptic world. Apparently, the creators of the TV series "Fear the Walking Dead" imply that a human involuntarily...

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Fear the Walking Dead season 2

Episodes: 15 of 15

Fear the Walking Dead season 2 follows a group of people living in Los Angeles who are struggling to resist aggressive zombies whose massive appearance was caused by an epidemy of an unknown virus. In order to survive, they not only have to fight the walking dead but also try not to get infected...

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Fear the Walking Dead season 1

Episodes: 6 of 6

This is an alternative project to “Walking Dead”, based on the same comic book series. The story of “Fear the Walking Dead” follows a highly dysfunctional family of a single mother Madison, her two children Nick and Alicia and Madison’s boyfriend Travis. Madison works as a guidance counselor at...

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