Madam Secretary

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Madam Secretary season 3

Episodes: 19 of 20

Elizabeth McCord is able to go up the corporate ladder in Madam Secretary season 3. At the end of last season, she and Henry freed American spy, Dmitri Petrov by the help of US president Conrad Dalton who reluctantly agreed to a risky deal with Russia. In the new season, Bess begins to help Dalton...

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Madam Secretary season 2

Episodes: 23 of 23

The political drama series keeps following Elizabeth McCord, who had to take over the position of US Secretary of State after the previous one’s tragic death. Madam Secretary season 2 begins with a series of unfortunate events, including President having a stroke, resignation of Secretary of...

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Madam Secretary season 1

Episodes: 22 of 22

“Madam Secretary” political drama series follows Elizabeth McCord, portrayed by Tea Leoni who is famous for “Bad Boys”, “The naked Truth”, “Tower Heist” and others. Elizabeth is a former CIA analytics expert who takes over the position of the US Secretary of State after current Secretary dies in...

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