Star Wars Rebels

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Star Wars Rebels season 3

Episodes: 21 of 22

Star Wars Rebels season 3 is a new chapter in the history of the adventures of Ghost crew. In the upcoming season, Sabina will wait for a meeting with the Mandalorians, Ezra Bridger will be tempted to become an apprentice of Darth Maul and Kanan Jarrus will get a chance to learn new secrets of the...

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Star Wars Rebels season 2

Episodes: 21 of 21

Star Wars Rebels season 2 continues to talk about the fearless crew of spaceship "Ghost". Space team has joined the major rebels unit. After that they started to fulfill new task. The mission began with the receipt of the call from the minister, who needed to escape in exchange for which she had...

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Star Wars Rebels season 1

Episodes: 14 of 14

"Star Wars Rebels" tells about the events that take place between Episode III and Episode IV. Dark times began for the Galaxy. The Empire continues to growth it's power, taking over world after world. Imperial troops occupy a distant planet and install oppressive regime there. But the “Ghost”...

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