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Empire season 3

Episodes: 13 of 18

The battle continues in Empire season 3. Empire Entertainment is still the main goal for many people. Lucious is trying to strengthen the company's position in the market of hip hop by streaming service. Tariq, his half-brother, is conducting an investigation against Lucious and their collision is...

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Empire season 2

Episodes: 18 of 18

Empire season 2 begins 3 months after the arrest of the Empire Entertainment head Lucious Lyon. Concert of the label #FreeLucious organized in his support. The true purpose of Cookie, who took control of the company to attract the attention of investor Mimi Whiteman to finally take the "Empire" in...

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Empire season 1

Episodes: 12 of 12

In the center of the TV series is a hip-hop dynasty Empire Entertainment. Lucious Lyon has come a long way from the poor street boy, who had nothing to eat, to owner of the large music corporation. He has achieved success through his work, skills and ability to conclude a good deal. But at the...

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