Scream: The TV Series

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Scream season 3

TV series Scream based on the cult film series of Wes Craven will be transformed from a slasher format to an anthology format. Therefore, horror TV series is waiting for a full reboot; viz. new characters will be at the center of events in new episodes. MTV was going to complete the storyline...

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Scream season 2

Episodes: 13 of 14

Scream season 2 continues the story of six teenagers from Lakewood, a small town with some really dark past. Emma comes back after spending some time at a retreat, recovering from the dreadful events of the previous season. Her friends are being extremely cautious about her fearing that she still...

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Scream season 1

Episodes: 10 of 10

Based on the “Scream” movie, the series is set in a small town of Lakewood. The story focuses on high school students: shy girl Emma, unsociable Audrey, computer geek Noah, athlete Will, popular girl Brooke and mysterious novice Kieran. It all starts one day when a YouTube video initiates a series...

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